On a Wednesday evening, Aphinya decided that it was time to get a proper day job. So she went hunting for a resume template, hoping there would be one that will be easy to use from the get go.

The aim was to be able to whip one up quickly and as needed.

Alas, she did stumble on a few online tools but they were so annoying to use.

By the end of her night, she decided that she could a a better job.

A week of nights and early mornings later, she finished an app, stuck it in the cloud and pointed a domain name it.

And just like that, zipply.io was born.

The value that governs Zipply's design and features is simplicity over complexity.

(and yes, this is inspired by the original agile manifesto for developers)

Because no one has time to fill in complex forms and sit through long sign up processes.

What you see is what you get.

That's basically it.

The road ahead >>

(aka features roadmap)

  • spruce up the modal design and user experience
  • mobile view support
  • different template options
  • multiple resumes saving
  • shareable resume link
  • resume open tracking
  • job applications tracking

That's basically it for now and should keep Aphinya occupied. If you've got an idea for a feature or want to request something, use this form here.